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About Guards On Duty Security

At Guards on Duty Security Services (Pty) Ltd, we specialise in a wide range of security services to meet all your needs. From residential property guarding to complex security guarding, private property security guarding to retail store security including store detectives, shopping mall security guarding to business security guarding, school security guarding to industrial security guarding, we've got you covered. Whether you need day-to-day security guarding, monthly and contract guarding, ad-hoc security guarding for 12 or 24 hours, or specialised custom security guarding tailored to your specific requirements, we are here to provide the protection you need.

We thrive on building and maintaining a strong relationship with our clients, to deliver the WOW factor and always going the extra mile.
With the years of experience and being involved in the Security Industry we noticed/identified the short coming of most other Security companies.


Guards On Duty Security Patrol And Management System

We use the latest Live Guard Monitoring Systems and technology include GPS Tracking With Voice Communication to ensure that our Security guards patrol sites efficiently. With Live Guard Patrol Monitoring System we are able to provide our clients with monthly, weekly, or daily patrol activities and feedback.

‘Interactive Guard Management’

The term ‘Interactive Guard Management’ is used to describe a system that enables the remote management of security officers at distant sites through the GPRS / GSM / VPN communication medium. It includes the following;

  •    Visual images from the locally installed unit

  •    Speech communication

  •    A panic alert / activation device

  •    Time and attendance management through exception and interaction

  •    Tracking

‘Interactive Guard Management’
advantages of the unit include

  • Eliminates / reduces site visits by supervisors;

  • Management of self-posting security officers;

  • Real time management of security officers during shift;

  • Early detection of security officers absconding / leaving site unattended;

  • Audit trails of guards performing patrols on specific routes;

  • Interaction with security officers during emergencies;

  • Detection of security officers under duress / abducted;

  • Mobile units are worn in a jacket / vest;

  • Management Information System with audit trails;

  • The units are easy to use;

  • Exception monitoring.

  • The jacket is “splash proof” and can be worn over clothing in moderate rain conditions.

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